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The Top 40 UK-Based Online Marketing Agencies on Twitter

Twitter is a crucial tool in online marketing and the MINT team has worked extremely hard to boost its followers and overall Twitter presence over the past 5 months.

As our Twitter account continued to grow, we always looked at the other online marketing agencies on the social network to see how we compared.

We then decided it would be an interesting research task to find as many UK-based online marketing agencies on Twitter and create Top 40 list with positions based on the number of followers an account had accumulated.

Here at MINT we use our company’s social media accounts to show prospective clients that not only can we talk the talk, we can also walk the walk. While creating this list we have remained unbiased and not changed the rules to give MINT an unfair advantage over other businesses.

Originally placed in 7th when the list was made in May, we have now climbed to 3rd! We’re extremely pleased and would like to congratulate every other agency that made our list.

  1. SEO Positive
  2. Distilled
  3. MINT Online Marketing
  4. Eskimo Soup
  5. Web Marketing Group
  6. Equator Agency
  7. Kenshoo
  8. Strategy Internet Marketing
  9. iProspect
  10. 360innovate
  11. theEword
  12. Coast Digital
  13. Pogo Digital
  14. Living Media
  15. Delineo
  16. Prodo Digital
  17. Sweetheart Marketing
  18. PushON
  19. All Things Web
  20. Strawberry
  21. JDR Websites
  22. Evevo
  23. A10 Strategic Media
  24. Edit Optimisation
  25. Cube3
  26. Studiowide
  27. TicToc
  28. i-Com
  29. The Zen Agency
  30. Nick Lewis Communications
  31. Young Cow
  32. Lakestar McCann
  33. Atelier Studios
  34. Liquid Solutions
  35. Peach Digital
  36. Ocere
  37. Bigfoot Digital
  38. Splice Marketing
  39. Latitude Express
  40. Mediaworks

Have we missed your online marketing company? Think you should be in this list? Send us a tweet @MINTOnline and if you meet the criteria, you will be added!

5 Top SEO Tips for Businesses Who Want to Attract More Customers (2013)

top-seo-tipsIf you are a business owner, one of the main things keeping you awake at night is likely to be ‘how to attract more customers’ for your business in a cost effective manner. Attracting new customers for little cost is a real art, and those business owners that have mastered this art are almost certainly heading for success.

Attracting targeted traffic online using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a proven way to grow your business customer base in a very cost effective manner, but can be very frustrating if you don’t know how. Here are 5 top tips to help you nail the art of SEO in 2013 and start attracting more customers.

1. Build the foundations of your SEO campaign with effective Keyword Targeting:

Keyword targeting is a fundamental part of almost all online marketing techniques. Keywords form the foundations of ‘search’, with people using ‘words’ as the primary method for finding content online.

If you target sub-optimal ‘keywords’, your SEO campaign is destined to fail before you even start.

Pretty straightforward, right? Wrong!

Of all the client websites we review as part of our weekly work here at Mint Online Marketing, we only find a small % (less than 10%) successfully targeting the optimal keywords for their business, products or services. Most have not conducted any formal keyword research and of those that have, the keyword research has not been conducted in what we would deem to be an effective way.

You need to be clear about what you are really looking for in an ideal target keyword(s). Here are the 3 key elements you should consider:

a) High monthly search volume: ideally, you want to target keywords that have a high level of monthly search volume. When you analyse keywords, be sure to use the ‘EXACT’ keyword match type setting, or at worst ‘PHRASE’ match; do not ever fall into the common trap of using the ‘BROAD’ match type, as the search volumes presented will be inflated and misleading.

b) High keyword quality: there is no point targeting high volume keywords that are low quality. Keywords should be as closely targeted as possible to your business, products and services. Think about the buying intention of the people using the keywords you are researching; are they at the start of the buying cycle, simply looking for information or are they closer to the point of buying?

c) Low or acceptable level of competition: which is better, targeting a keyword with 10,000 monthly searches and very high competition, or a keyword with 2,000 monthly searches and 1/20th the competition? In many cases it will be the latter, especially if the keyword quality is the same or better. Do NOT confuse Adwords (PPC) competition with SEO competition, these are 2 very different things!

Have you conducted a thorough keyword research exercise for your business covering the 3 key elements above? If not, get in touch today and see how we can help you.

2. Make sure your On-page SEO is 2nd to none.

On-page SEO is the art of optimising your website so that it is Search Engine friendly and gives you the best opportunity to rank prominently. It should be broken down into 2 main areas of focus:

i) Keyword optimisation.

This area of On-page SEO involves optimising the pages of your website to make your site as targeted as possible in respect to the keyword(s) that you wish your site to rank for.

Elements include:

a) Page specific keyword optimisation: front loading your meta title with your primary target keyword, including your primary target keyword twice in your meta description, ensuring you have one h1 heading which includes your target keyword, keyword optimising image ALT tags, a well weighted keyword density, bolding the first instance of your keyword in the body text etc…

b) Site wide keyword optimisation: ensure you publish good quality contextually related content regularly, avoid duplicate page content between pages on your website, avoid duplicate page titles or descriptions, follow a sound internal linking strategy etc…

Is your website correctly keyword optimised including page specific and site wide factors? If not, get in touch today and see how we can help you.

ii) User experience.

Search Engines, like Google, want to rank websites which provide a fantastic user experience for their visitors. If you were designing a Search Engine, you would want to do the same, wouldn’t you?

Your website will rank better if it loads faster, works well in all major web browsers, is mobile device optimised and has no broken links, for instance, as these elements will all improve the overall user experience for your visitors.

Your website should be clear, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Good content on a poorly designed and structured website will be perceived as average content at best; yes presentation really does matter online as in life generally.

To find out if your website ticks the user experience box, you could try the following:

a) Analyse your analytics: Check the ‘bounce rate’, ‘average time on site’ and ‘average pages per visit’ metrics on Google Analytics. Are these stats where you would like them to be, or do they leave room for improvement?

b) Ask friends, colleagues, contacts for honest feedback: Don’t just rely on your own opinion as this can be subjective, and familiarity can blind you to issues. It is best to ask for feedback from people who meet your target customer profile, and who have not seen the site before.

c) Get feedback on There is a service called For a relatively small cost, you can get 3 people to complete a specified ‘task’ on your website (such as finding certain information, submitting an enquiry or purchasing a product). They will send you a video and rate their experience. This information is invaluable and very enlightening, and can really help you to make step changes which will enhance the user experience of your website and make it easier for visitors to achieve the ‘goals’ you would like them to achieve.

Is your On-page SEO up to scratch? If not, get in touch today and lets talk about how we can help you.

3. Publish better content on your website than all of your online competitors.

Content is KING! Search Engines want to give ranking prominence to websites with the BEST quality content, so if you don’t have an active content strategy for your website you are not actually doing the very thing that Search Engines want and expect you to do.

Read the paragraph above again. Then again. Gone are the days when you can rank (and maintain ranking) a website that has poor or even ‘average’ quality content. Your content MUST be better than that of your online competitors in order to succeed. Why should any Search Engine rank your website higher than sites with better quality content? You don’t have a God given right to rank, you need to earn it!

What actually constitutes ‘good quality content’ can differ depending on your niche, so analyse the top ranking websites around you. However, the following factors tend to be widely accepted as part of the content quality equation:

a) Well written: not just grammar and spelling, but content that flows and reads well, drawing the reader in.

b) Informative: your content should have a distinct purpose and answer a question(s) for the reader.

c) Popular: publish content that people will want to ‘like’ and ‘share’ with others.

d) Fresh and unique: your content should be fresh and unique, for obvious reasons.

e) Authority: authority is something that can only be built over time, with effort and consistency. Google are starting to rank Authors (‘Google Author Rank’), so now is the time when you can start to build your authority ahead of your competitors ready for when authority matters even more than it does already today. Build your well before you get thirsty!

Is the content on your website better than all of your online competitors? If not, get in touch today and lets talk about how we can help you.

4. Make your Brand the most popular in Social Media.

Social Media has risen to prominence at an exceptional rate over the last 5 years, and is now used by the majority of people on a daily basis. As this surge has taken place, and such a large amount of web content is shared and consumed by people on Social Media sites each and every day, Search Engines have had no choice but to start taking Social Media Signals into account in their ranking algorithms.

It is clear to see that popular website content is shared online using Social Media, and top influencers (people or Brands) in every niche have a significant number of highly engaged ‘Followers’. Therefore, if you truly want to be seen by the Search Engines as an ‘authority’ or an ‘influencer’ in your niche, there is no point doing it ‘offline’ – you need to be building your presence in Social Media. Right now! This trend is only going to go in one direction, and at an increasing rate.

If your content is not being shared in Social Media channels, and your Brand does not have an active ‘presence’ in Social Media – then your content (website) will not be taken as seriously as it could be by major Search Engines, and rightly so.

So start to utilise Social Media in an active and effective manner today, and take advantage of the direct benefit this increased awareness gives you, and also the SEO benefit you will derive from positive Social Signals now and in the future.

Do you have an authority presence in Social Media? If not, get in touch today and lets talk about how we can help you.

5. ‘Think Links’.

In-bound links are like ‘votes’ for your website content, and have long been the primary element Search Engines look for when ranking websites. It is on the premise that content that is linked to from a wider variety of sources, and from high authority sources, is likely to be better quality content. It makes sense.

All the elements above (1-4), executed well, should help you to ‘attract’ in-bound links. But, a good tip is to ‘think links’. If you and your colleagues are always thinking about harvesting links, you will be surprised how often in-bound link opportunities arise.

You may have product or service suppliers or partners that will be happy to link to you. You may be a member of an association or society, that has a website. You may be the member of a networking group. You may have connected with an industry influencer through Social Media, and have the opportunity to write a guest post for them. You may already be listed or mentioned on various websites, but not have a link back to your site in the place where you are mentioned. You may have friends who own businesses, or websites. You may read industry magazines or blogs, and may have the opportunity to reach out to them for the opportunity to write an informative article with a link back to your website.

When you and your colleagues ‘think links’, and always have the potential of harvesting links in your mind, you will be surprised at how many link opportunities arise. So start thinking links today, and move your website’s authority and ranking forward.

Hopefully these 5 tips help you and your business to understand the fundamentals of SEO better. If you have anything to add, please share it.

If you would like any help with your online marketing, or simply to talk – please get in touch today.

Klout- what’s the score?


Klout is a relatively new concept and is the measured score of your influence across social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Klout score is available on a website or app and uses analytics focused on your business’s social media sites to work out a score between 1-100 based on your interaction and general activity on social media sites. The higher the score the more klout you have generated, celebrity profiles such as Obama and Justin Beiber boast klout scores of 99 and 93, around 30 is the normal score for the average tweeter though. Klout score measures the size of your business’s account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Wikipedia although it started on Twitter- all Twitter users are automatically assigned a score. Klout is influenced by the follower and following count, retweets, unique mentions, how many spam or dead accounts follow you and so on, from a business perspective it is far more beneficial to have an organically grown business account, with a real person running it compared to one that posts on a timer etc.

From a business perspective klout matters; klout’s score attributes towards your websites page ranking and general online presence, it influences your key performance indicators, or KPI’s, which is very important from a marketing perspective. Your business’s klout score is there and whether or not you pay attention to it, it does exist and when used properly it aids businesses to gain the recognition for their strong presence online. Often klout is overlooked or considered a pointless score as anyone who is capable and has time to move content around on social media sites that then provokes reaction, meaning people and businesses can fake their klout simply by making sure they’re tweeting and interacting, usually via spamming. Klout should be seen as being so much more though; a reflection of your success when networking and communicating through your business, popularity as well as your content quality are all factors that assist with a strong klout score. Some of the most influential people in the world, such as Obama, have very high klout score because they are simply very popular public figures, provoking reaction with anything they say. Klout score is becoming increasingly more important as businesses realise how important social media and SEO has become from a marketing perspective and maintaining an online profile is sometimes more beneficial than the old fashioned approach of marketing a company via networking etc.

In America Journalism students have been graded purely on their klout score and it is becoming very commonplace on interview for online marketing jobs to check your klout score when interviewing a candidate to ensure they are walking the walk when it comes to mastering social media and SEO. This is an extreme of example of just how influential klout can be, and although most companies don’t have that much focus on klout score, it has become an important element within a successful marketing strategy.

SleepPro Twitter Competition

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Increased Following by 1,034 in 1 week

from 7th February 2013

to 14th February 2013

SleepPro create and sell stop-snoring and sleep apnea relief products globally.

MINT Online Marketing manage Social Media accounts for SleepPro, as well as offering PPC Management and SEO Services.

As a way of boosting Brand awareness and growing Twitter Followers MINT designed, implemented and managed a Valentine’s Day competition where one Twitter user could win a set of his-and-hers onesies.


Check out SleepPro’s Twitter account here :

To enter the competition, all Twitter users had to do was Retweet and Follow the SleepPro account, to be entered into the prize draw:


The competition ran for a week, between February 7th 2013 and 14th February 2013, and over that week the Net gain was 1,034 Followers:



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Rapid Growth of MINT’s Twitter Following

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From 976 Followers to 3,015 Followers in 13 weeks

308% growth in just 13 weeks

from 1st February 2013

to 30th April 2013

It is important for Social Media Marketing providers to walk-the-walk. Mint Online Marketing are proud to have a large and growing Twitter community.

Businesses employ MINT Online Marketing safe in the knowledge that we are able to show tangible results via the many case studies we publish.


Check out the Twitter account here :



MINT are focused on serving clients in the UK, although this rapid growth has seen us gain Followers globally. The Follower location map below shows the focus of Followers in the UK.


The image below shows the Bio word cloud of MintOnline Followers. We are, of course, targeting business clients so have clearly achieved not only rapid growth but also a valuable and targeted Following on Twitter.



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George Ellis Property Services – Targeted Twitter Follower Growth Campaign Case Study

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[box type=”tick” icon=”none” border=”full”]

From 140 Followers to 662 Followers in 6 weeks

from 13th February 2013

to 1st April 2013

George Ellis Property Services provide assistance and guidance to landlords and property investors throughout the UK.

We were tasked to grow their Following on Twitter targeting people interested and involved in Property and Property Management in the UK, with a focus on the Greater London region.


Check out the Twitter account here :



George Ellis Property Services are based in London but provide assistance and guidance to landlords and property investors throughout the UK.

MINT Online Marketing was employed to help build George Ellis Property Services’ Followers on Twitter and ensure the Followers are well targeted.

We were tasked to focus on suitable targets in the London area primarily, but then open up the targeting to further afield. The map below shows the location of GE Property’s Followers, which are clearly focused in London.



The image below shows the Bio word cloud of GEProperty’s Followers on Twitter. It clearly shows that we have not only grown GE Property’s Follower count rapidly, but also achieved a high level of relevance targeting.



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Better Body Shop – Targeted Twitter Follower Growth Campaign

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From 506 Followers to 800 Followers in 6 weeks

from 15th March 2013

to 30th April 2013

Very close Follower targeting of people in the Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells towns in Kent.


Check out the Twitter account here :




The Better Body Shop is a personal training centre and specialist gym based in Sevenoaks, Kent. It is one of the premier personal training facilities in the UK, but with a relatively small catchment area focused in and around the Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells towns in Kent.

Our requirement with this campaign was to grow the Follower numbers of Better Body Shop, but to ensure that the Followers they gain are predominantly within their target catchment area.

For people that know where Sevenoaks is, the following map will illustrate that our targeting is very focused on the required region.


The image below shows a Twitter Bio location word cloud of the Better Body Shop Twitter Followers. This again shows that we have achieved the requirement to gain Followers in the Sevenoaks and Tunbridge region of Kent.



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The Plus Sides to Google +

google pic

When it comes to social media sites Google+ is the newest social networking site creating a buzz in the online marketing world. Launched by the search engine giants’ Google, Google+ or G+, is the latest social media site creating a storm online and has been attracting attention from all over the world with businesses in particular taking a shine to the ‘professional’ and more business orientated which is one of the reasons why it is perfect for growing your business from a marketing point of view. As it is relatively under the radar in terms of social media sites Google+ has, until now, been left alone by businesses looking to expand their online marketing strategy but there are many reasons why you should be signing up to this new social site:

  1. Google is the most recognised brand in the world alongside Cocoa-Cola and Apple, making it very worthwhile to  be a part of
  2. Google is the number one search engine, forcing Bing and Yahoo to fade into the ether of the internet- use this to your advantage in terms of search engine results for your website
  3. G+ is the equivalent to Facebook in social networking sites but has a more professional approach than its competitor, making it ideal for businesses and companies looking to create a professional and social profile.
  4. Content shared and ‘plus oned’ on G+ sends a positive signal to Google that your content is good and worth reading, this helps gain page rank whilst creating a strong site recognised by the search engine.
  5. A recent investment, made by Google themselves, of half a billion dollars into the social media site indicates just how important they envisage G+ being in the future. If its good enough for Google, it must be good enough for your business
  6. G+ allows you to target very specific communities and groups on the social media site, relevant to your business
  7. Make the most of the current low key reputation Google+ has and promote your business in a small community with less competition. The more you build your profile now whilst G+ is relatively unused the less you will need to do when more companies sign up and try to create competition.
  8. Use the fact that it is now the second largest social media site in the world to your business’s advantage! Join the community and benefit from a global audience at your fingertips
  9. Google+ is seen as a ‘pure’ social site as it is free of adverts whereas Facebook generates a large amount of its profits from advertising alone. A ‘cleaner’ user experience will only benefit your followers as well as business connections by using G+, adding to its professional approach to social networking.
  10. Lastly, you should take the massive hint as being suggested by Google themselves and sign up to G+, because Google said so! Use their social media site and reap the benefits of maximised SEO and positive signals- all being read by the search engine themselves.


The underground buzz surrounding Google+ is beginning to reach the mainstream in terms of online marketing and social media strategies so why not sign up and make the most if this relatively new site and take the opportunity to build a profile for your business whilst the competition is still ‘liking’ away on Facebook.

Childrens Outdoor Toys PPC Case Study April 2013

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£1,004.69 PPC Spend

£22,584.82 Revenue from PPC Sales

[2,247% Return On Investment]


Client: Children’s Outdoor Toys

Period: April: 1st to 30th


Screenshot 1 – Google AdWords (Spend)


Screenshot 2 – Google Analytics (Revenue)



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Clothing Company 3 Month Graph

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[box type=”tick” icon=”none” border=”full”]

The graph below shows a 3 month period Feb to April 2013

Note: MINT took active management of this PPC account in mid-February 2013


Number of conversions has increased from 139 to 352.

At the same time, we have been able to reduce the cost per conversion from £6.32 to £5.19.




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