3 Ways to Create The Best Content


Many websites have gotten in to the habit of regurgitating news stories in an attempt to pass themselves off as an informative website, simply posting a link to Justin Bieber’s latest haircut isn’t exactly helpful to your audience and it’s more than likely it’s gone viral already. What you really need to ask yourself when sharing information is;

What am I offering that no one else can?

We thought we’d give you some simple advice on how to give your audience the right kind of content whether through your website, your blog, or the links you post through social media. You can apply these three simple aspects of content creation to any information you share.

So here’s three aspects of content creation you should be considering.

Know your Audience:

This is a simple concept in principle, it’s knowing who’s visiting your site and what type of person they are. Then consider whether what you’re writing/sharing would appeal to them. This is also something you’ll need to consider if you’re looking to extend your target demographic, ask yourself what can I offer that I’m not offering already? A good tactic is to keep the balance between offering a speciality or expertise in a particular subject and becoming one dimensional. Your website may not be able to cover all the bases, but a subject topic that’s too specific will likely limit how much your traffic will grow.


What are your visitors intentions when they visit your site? Are they looking for funny animal pictures or serious journalism? Take this post for instance, I’m aware as I’m writing this, that the type of information I’m sharing may be helpful to a blogger that’s trying to establish his or herself and is looking for a strategy to help create interesting content.

As a business you’ll have to consider whether your audience is one that is likely to skim over your informative pages and blogs or one that’s willing to invest in your product or service.


If you’re attracting attention and traffic to your website you’ll have to consider whether your information is visually stimulating and easy to read. We are by nature more likely to respond to visual imagery than pages upon pages of text. As far as blogging is concerned your audience is much more likely to engage and finish reading content that’s concise which is why posts offering simple tips and “top 10 lists” are popular.

A good tactic is to look at how long visitors stay on your website, as well as each individual page, do your visitors click from link to link or see your homepage and run a mile. It’s possible to use tools such as Google Analytics to measure these factors, like the ‘bounce rate’ for example.

Creating the right type of content, particularly unique content is part of the foundation of Online Marketing and perhaps the main reason SEO exists especially as far as search engines are concerned. So that’s why it’s worth asking these types of rhetorical questions before you start sharing a picture of a cute cat.

cute cat

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