5 things the Auto Industry can teach YOU about Online Marketing


Online Marketing

What you can learn about Online Marketing from Car Manufacturers.

The auto industry represents a massive market that invests a huge amount of money in digital marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to gauge the engagement of your business with digital media and online marketing, look no further than the auto industry. An auto manufacturer’s marketing campaign can become a useful source of information and provide valuable tips to benefit your own online marketing strategy.

It’s evident that the industry understands the importance of an effective online marketing campaign and the potential customers it can attract. Here are five essential lessons you can learn, to improve your online marketing strategy.

  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”:

Car manufacturers select and design their themes and advertisements carefully, when they run a successful campaign, they stick with it. The auto industry spends valuable time and resources tailoring it’s online and television advertisements to suit a specified audience. If a strategy you’ve implemented resonates with your customers, it’s likely the foundation of your plan was solid and appealed to your audience.

  1. Interactive online advertisements add value:

Many car manufacturers strive to implement interactive advertisements on their websites, through this they are able to offer a useful and personal service to their consumers. If you’re scanning the web page of any major car manufacturer you are likely to come across a digital, interactive advertisement. Many car manufacturers configure their websites to allow users to “customise” their vehicle of their choice, for instance offering the customer the option to install GPS or heated seats in their new car. This form of advertisements speaks to consumers, giving them a unique and personal experience, think of it as adding toppings to the pizza of your choice.

  1. The Auto Industry is consistent:

Car manufacturers strive to achieve consistency throughout their marketing campaigns, have you noticed that their television adverts mirror what you see on billboards, in a magazine as well as the design of their website. This consistency is to ensure you’re synonymous with their current marketing campaign as well as with their brand in general.

  1. Online Video Marketing is vital:

Previously the auto industry has dedicated the bulk of its marketing budget to television advertising, now the industry has had to move with the times and concentrate on online video to engage with their customers. Through utilising online video and video hosting websites such as ‘YouTube’ any company can become more engaged and more accessible to it’s customers.

  1. Not every campaign should serve the same purpose:

Advertisements and marketing strategies can serve different purposes, some campaigns will concentrate on brand identity and strive to encourage familiarity between the customer and the identity of the customer. Some strategies will seek to generate revenue and display new products, others will seek to give customers the final ‘push’ in committing to purchase a product. It’s important to understand the numerous roles an advertisement or online marketing strategy can play in creating the best campaign possible.

The auto industry has cracked the code as far as online marketing is concerned, they’ve achieved these results through utilising an effective strategy both on and offline. As a result any business, whether big or small would do well to identify and utilise the strategies employed by the industry.

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