Are you using Google Author?

Google Author

Google Plus has been steadily growing for the last two years, a social networking site that is owned by Google Inc. The website launched in June 2011. It has a total of 400 million registered users, of whom 100 million are active on a monthly basis.

Google Plus is self-described as a “social layer, consisting of not just a single site but rather an overarching layer which covers many of the online properties.” Google Plus was designed to rival Facebook and it’s monopoly over social networking, the field test Google initially conducted in 2011 was flooded with an “insane demand” of users looking to sign up.

Google Plus is evidently able to capture the attention of internet users based on their brand identity alone, on the day of their mobile app release it became the singular most popular application in the Apple App store. Google Plus does offer some very useful tools, particularly in relation to Online Marketing, Blogging and SEO.

What is Google Author?

Google Author is an extremely useful tool to maximise the visibility and authorship of any online author, it’s also a very effective SEO tool. Through utilising this small addition to your articles, blog or website you can potentially increase your ranking in a Google search as well as increase your appeal with the average internet user.

How Does it Work?

It simply adds a link from the content you write to your Google+ page, however with this link you’ll also be able to display a picture, a tag-line, your location, your job etc. So having a complete and updated profile page is essential, as users looking at your content may browse through to your Google Plus page as well as your website with the click of a button.



Google Author


As you can see, the article that’s been published by Jemma Kiss, is easily visible to the user, coupled with the authority of the Guardian and the 10,000+ Google Plus circles this author is involved with the author has immediately created a solid foundation for herself. It’s safe to say you’re far more likely to click through to a link that is coupled with images and social media information than simply plain text, the benefits of using this tool are plain to see.

Why should I use it?

The idea may sound simple enough, but it can dramatically increase the ranking of your content within Google’s search engine, studies show that having using Google Author can increase your Click Through Rate by around 20%. Evidently utilising this tool can greatly improve your SEO capabilities as well as your online presence in general.

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  2. Mark Powlett

    This is very useful information and unlike much of what I read I did not know about it and I will take action based on what you are saying. I am looking forward to that extra 20% click through rate ! Thanks


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