Update to Google AdWords Ranking Algorithm Catches Out PPC Management Companies

A number of algorithms for SEO and AdWords are released sporadically by Google across the year, and more often than not they do not cause many issues for most websites. Of course, the major updates have been known to catch many companies off guard, often causing ranking issues, but the smaller updates tend to pass unnoticed by the majority of businesses. However, this ‘minor’ update has caused a bit of ripple for a number of companies.

Here at MINT we keep up to date on changes in PPC Management. We develop all of our practices as new guidelines are set out by Google, you will be glad to know that we already took the new change into account.

Ad extensions examples

Examples of Ad Extensions in AdWords

The main update to the algorithm

The main change to the algorithm saw the inclusion of ad extensions as a factor in the positioning decision.

Previously, Google used two factors in their Ad Rank (the calculation that they use to work out how ads were ordered). Now, as well as the maximum cost per click and quality score, AdWords will factor in ad extensions as well.

While clearly a tertiary factor, in the sense that both CPC and quality score take presidency, there are a number of cases where both CPC and quality score are the same, which means that ad extensions will be an important factor for a number of companies.

Ad extensions will play a part when two identical ads with the same bid and quality score are competing. Google believes that businesses using AdWords may now see a lower cost per click and higher click through rate if ad extensions are utilised to full effect.

If you are interested in information on our PPC Management services, please click here. We use ad extensions for all our clients, so you can be assured that we will help you to gain benefit from this and any future algorithm change.

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