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2013 – The Year of Quality: Guest Publication


Over the last few years Google has placed an emphasis in placing quality websites in their top places for search terms and this does make sense. You can finally be sure that if you place quality content on your site Google will acknowledge this and you will see the rise in SERPs which you deserve.

This in turn means that your SEO efforts this year need to focus on adding good quality to your website. Carefully carried out research along with interesting and user engaging content is the way forward in your quest for a top spot in the Google search results.

Along with your content being of good quality we can use the word for link building campaigns too. Instead of creating vast quantities of links on low quality article directories, blogs and so forth you should focus your attention on finding as many quality links as you can for your site. Ideally you should be looking to build an authority website (the time of the small micro niche sites is over) and thus having low quality links is not an option as it reflects on your site and thus quality is the only option. However this does not mean that you should stop building blog links and the sort for small traffic but you should limit the amount and instead look for the perfect quality links.

Places to find good quality links may be hard to find and therefore here are a few places to search:

Creating link bait – In 2013 link baiting is going to become more and more influential in standing out from the competition. It doesn’t matter if its blog posts or viral videos; you can create link bait that will certainly attract inbound links to your site.

High traffic guest blog posting – First you have to find the best blogs in your niche and write up incredible articles to go with it. If you can write informative articles which offer real value above and beyond the norm then you are on to a winner. This is the time where knowledge in your niche plays a vital role and allows you to gain that extra advantage. Once you have your content you can offer guest posts to the blog owner; anything between 1 to 6 posts a month. If you can manage to do this on 4-5 blogs then you are guaranteed to get a lot of targeted traffic to your site along with the added bonus of quality links which we have mentioned.

These are just a few examples of ways to improve your SEO in 2013 and it shows you that finding quality links in your niche will pay you huge dividends in increasing your traffic and SERP rankings in the coming months.

“Closing Credits” 

Thanks for reading this guest post, I’m Charles Floate – Owner of Rank2Bank- SEO, SMM & PPC Blog and SEO / SMM Expert for Bootcamp Media. I hope you have a successful SEO Campaign for 2013, and I hope these tips put some ideas into your head!