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10 of the best iPhone Apps for Marketers

iPhone apps

The Apple app store has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2008, as of April 2013 the store has a total of more than 45 billion total downloads and close to one million unique applications.

These apps fulfil many purposes from simple games to useful tools for marketers. We’ve assembled ten of the most useful and popular apps that will help you manage and market your business wherever you are.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to manage many of your social networking accounts from one place, although originally designed a way to manage your Twitter feeds, the app also supports Facebook, Instagram and other popular services.

Use TweetDeck to manage your social networking accounts as well as bulk schedule content for your business accounts.

See Also; Hootsuite and Twitterrific

2. WordPress

Many sites and blogs are supported by WordPress, with this app blogging on the move is easy. Whether you’ve forgotten to post a certain article or you’ve had a great idea whilst your travelling the WordPress app allows you to update and maintain your blog wherever you are.

You can also respond to any comments you may have received or add images and videos to your existing blogs.

3. Linkedin

The official Linkedin App functions exactly as the desktop site, the app will help keep you up to date with your connections, you can also extend your existing network by adding and communicating with other businesses and individuals.

4. Mashable

Mashable is one of the most popular sites on the web, delivering the latest news on technology, social networking, online marketing and general internet-related news.

Search by category, news or via author. Mashable is a great source for blogging inspiration, ideas as well as useful topics for discussion.

5. DropBox

The DropBox app allows you to store, sync and share folders online. DropBox has an easy to use interface, making it a popular tool for businesses and office based companies.

Dropbox works on both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity so you’ll have access to your files wherever you are.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive offers a similar service to DropBox, more importantly it allows you to edit, share and create files through the use of Google Docs, which has become immensely popular with businesses.

7. TED

The TED app presents talks and discussions from some of the most well-renowned people in the business world. TED videos are updated on a weekly basis so look out for discussions relative to your business.

8. AnalyticsPro

As the name suggests the AnalyticsPro app enables you to go through your Google Analytics reports straight from your iPhone. Track the analytics and web stats of your website or blog, check your best and worst performing pages as well as your bounce rate.

9. SEO Tool

A very useful app for site owners, track the position of your sites in Google, Bing etc.. Check your site’s ranking for specific keywords wherever you are.

10. Reeder

This RSS app works with Google Reader and Readability and is a great way to keep up with all of your news interests. This is an easy tool to use and can be synched with your iPad or Mac device.

iphone apps

Google Glass or the Smart Watch? The battle for next gen Technology

google glass

What does this mean for businesses and for our privacy?

Technology has developed dramatically in the last decade, it appears that we are now reaching the stage where applied science is so advanced that ideas that could only be imagined in science fiction are now becoming part of reality.

google glass

This rapid growth in technology has dramatically changed our day to day lives and how businesses and brands communicate with their following, less than five years ago the idea of watching video on the way to work would have seemed far-fetched now that we are essentially contactable wherever we are, businesses have had to change the way they engage with the public whether it’s through social networking or online video.

The latest development that’s caught the attention of the masses is the concept of a wearable computer or an augmented reality device.

Industry giants Google and Apple are now fighting to gain a foothold in this new generation of technological advancement;

In recent weeks Google has revealed its latest innovation, Google Glass. A head-mounted display that displays information in a similar fashion to the smartphone, the device can be activated via voice command. The device may even be integrated with prescription lenses in the future, it’s speculated that the device may be released as early as this year.

There are rumours that Apple is in the process of developing its own “smart-watch”, a wearable computer that can be attached to your wrist, whilst Samsung is also rumoured to be developing a similar product.

What does this mean for our privacy?

Google Glass has been attracting some concerns over privacy issues, if you’ve seen the viral adverts then you’ll be aware that the device can record video on command, if these devices are set to become commonplace in society then how will it impact on our sense of privacy.

It remains to be seen how are privacy will be affected, who will be defined as complicit as far as being recorded is concerned, many people may be recorded with one of these devices which can then upload their image to social media, all without their permission.

For Businesses

Being able to watch and video as well surf the web, through a lens or through a smart-watch will change the way businesses contact their audience as well as how commercials and advertisements can reach a targeted demographic.

But for now, what we’re wondering is what will become the most popular.

Would you prefer to wear a head-mounted device or a smart-watch? Are you content with a simple phone in your pocket? Let us know.

What is Twitter Vine?

Twitter Vine

Last week Twitter launched “Vine” everyone is talking about it (not all for the right reasons) but what exactly is “Twitter Vine”?

It’s an addition to Twitter that allows users to embed a six second video within their own Tweets.

In October last year Twitter purchased Vine Labs, which was a start-up company based in New York. Vine Labs consisted of only three men, the app is still a standalone service but has now been integrated in to Twitter.

Videos posted through the App are on an Infinite Loop, which capitalises on the emerging popularity of memes and animated gifs which is a kind of image format that’s extremely popular on the internet.

What are they saying about it?

Michael Sippey, Twitter’s Vice President; “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vines inspire creativity”

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine; “They’re little windows into the people, settings ideas and objects that make up your life”

Where can I find it?

The Vine App is currently only available on the Apple App Store, it remains to be seen whether other OS’s will pick the platform up.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple to set up too, just download the app, sign in using your Twitter account and it’ll sync your details.

You record a video by simply using the camera button in the corner and pressing your finger on the screen while you record. Taking your finger off stops the recording, putting it back on starts it again, so you can draft your own cuts and sequences.

It even records sound!

Why does it matter?

If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll know how visual social media is becoming, in a way it’s surprising that Twitter hasn’t integrated this kind of software. It’ll give your Twitter account the option to feature short, snappy videos and it’s these videos that are likely to generate engagement.

Finally, The Controversy

Vine hasn’t come without issues, if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you’ll see that some rather “inappropriate” material, shall we say, has appeared through the Vine app. This hasn’t gone down well with Apple, who’s squeaky clean reputation has been tarnished as a result.