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5 Tips to make your page Tablet Friendly


Tablet Friendly

Browsing a web page through a Tablet is more user friendly than simply using a desktop, this is part of the reason for it’s surge in popularity last year. Apple have revolutionised the tablet market with the iPad and we’re now seeing many other major companies attempting to rival the product with similar devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, Surface by Microsoft and Google’s Nexus.

Did you know there are nearly 70 million tablet users in the United States alone, this is a figure that has doubled from the previous year. This means that 30% of all Americans are accessing the internet through a tablet device.

These statistics do not include mobile users, so that’s even more users accessing your page through a touch screen device.

Traffic to e-commerce sites by Tablet users has increased by 348% from 2011 to 2012, thus overtaking mobile traffic for the first time. The Tablet market is fresh and still developing, the presence of the tablet will only increase in 2013, it’s never been a better time to “get in” on the market.

With that in mind if you haven’t already optimised your site for Tablet users, it’s worth asking the question…

Is your site “tap friendly” ?

To make your site tap friendly you need to;

  1. Utilise space intelligently: Tablet users don’t enjoy scrolling endlessly through your pages but they won’t want to be making microscopic movements with their fingertips either. In this respect space is perhaps the most important thing as far as a tablet user is concerned, So make sure your page layout is up to scratch.
  1. Make your pages easy to read: It’s easy to identify when a web page isn’t prepared for touch-screen users, make sure your page can be navigated easily with plenty of visual imagery too.
  1. Use large target buttons such as the “add to basket” button or “click to buy” button: It can be very frustrating for a user when the “button” they wish to select is too small for their finger to push, frustrating the user is something you’ll wish to avoid as they may end up leaving the page before they’ve invested in your product!
  1. Increase font size: This is a simple enough tip, increasing your font slightly will make your page more visually appealing to a tablet user, remember that the touch-screen is significantly smaller than your traditional desktop monitor.
  1. Increase form field size and spacing: This is also an easy to implement suggestion, when the user is filling in important details such as registering a user name or even inserting their credit card details they won’t want to be needing a magnifying glass. Increasing these fields will significantly improve your sites usability.

For a good indication of a site that’s optimised perfectly for touch-screen users, look no further than Apple’s home page, as you’d expect from the creator of the iPad and the iPhone the minimalist layout and visual imagery look very appealing on a touch-screen device and the page is easy to navigate too.

If the text is too small to read and the navigation links are so close together that you navigate unintentionally this will likely result in poor usability and may turn users away from your page permanently. Try and make sure your page isn’t time consuming and frustrating for the user, avoiding complexity is always a good idea as far as Tablet and Mobile users are concerned.

Try accessing your page through a Tablet device yourself, you’ll get a good idea of your site’s usability and whether it’s truly Tablet friendly.


It’s relatively easy to optimise your site for the tablet market, it’s not time consuming and is based on editing minor details of your web page. The benefits as a result of this optimisation may increase the amount of traffic you attract significantly, therefore increasing your revenue in the process.

It may be impossible to tailor your site to every users individual taste and be ideal for whatever device they’re using at the time but ignoring Tablet and touch-screen users severely restricts the amount of traffic you can gain.