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The Plus Sides to Google +

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When it comes to social media sites Google+ is the newest social networking site creating a buzz in the online marketing world. Launched by the search engine giants’ Google, Google+ or G+, is the latest social media site creating a storm online and has been attracting attention from all over the world with businesses in particular taking a shine to the ‘professional’ and more business orientated which is one of the reasons why it is perfect for growing your business from a marketing point of view. As it is relatively under the radar in terms of social media sites Google+ has, until now, been left alone by businesses looking to expand their online marketing strategy but there are many reasons why you should be signing up to this new social site:

  1. Google is the most recognised brand in the world alongside Cocoa-Cola and Apple, making it very worthwhile to  be a part of
  2. Google is the number one search engine, forcing Bing and Yahoo to fade into the ether of the internet- use this to your advantage in terms of search engine results for your website
  3. G+ is the equivalent to Facebook in social networking sites but has a more professional approach than its competitor, making it ideal for businesses and companies looking to create a professional and social profile.
  4. Content shared and ‘plus oned’ on G+ sends a positive signal to Google that your content is good and worth reading, this helps gain page rank whilst creating a strong site recognised by the search engine.
  5. A recent investment, made by Google themselves, of half a billion dollars into the social media site indicates just how important they envisage G+ being in the future. If its good enough for Google, it must be good enough for your business
  6. G+ allows you to target very specific communities and groups on the social media site, relevant to your business
  7. Make the most of the current low key reputation Google+ has and promote your business in a small community with less competition. The more you build your profile now whilst G+ is relatively unused the less you will need to do when more companies sign up and try to create competition.
  8. Use the fact that it is now the second largest social media site in the world to your business’s advantage! Join the community and benefit from a global audience at your fingertips
  9. Google+ is seen as a ‘pure’ social site as it is free of adverts whereas Facebook generates a large amount of its profits from advertising alone. A ‘cleaner’ user experience will only benefit your followers as well as business connections by using G+, adding to its professional approach to social networking.
  10. Lastly, you should take the massive hint as being suggested by Google themselves and sign up to G+, because Google said so! Use their social media site and reap the benefits of maximised SEO and positive signals- all being read by the search engine themselves.


The underground buzz surrounding Google+ is beginning to reach the mainstream in terms of online marketing and social media strategies so why not sign up and make the most if this relatively new site and take the opportunity to build a profile for your business whilst the competition is still ‘liking’ away on Facebook.

Google Glass or the Smart Watch? The battle for next gen Technology

google glass

What does this mean for businesses and for our privacy?

Technology has developed dramatically in the last decade, it appears that we are now reaching the stage where applied science is so advanced that ideas that could only be imagined in science fiction are now becoming part of reality.

google glass

This rapid growth in technology has dramatically changed our day to day lives and how businesses and brands communicate with their following, less than five years ago the idea of watching video on the way to work would have seemed far-fetched now that we are essentially contactable wherever we are, businesses have had to change the way they engage with the public whether it’s through social networking or online video.

The latest development that’s caught the attention of the masses is the concept of a wearable computer or an augmented reality device.

Industry giants Google and Apple are now fighting to gain a foothold in this new generation of technological advancement;

In recent weeks Google has revealed its latest innovation, Google Glass. A head-mounted display that displays information in a similar fashion to the smartphone, the device can be activated via voice command. The device may even be integrated with prescription lenses in the future, it’s speculated that the device may be released as early as this year.

There are rumours that Apple is in the process of developing its own “smart-watch”, a wearable computer that can be attached to your wrist, whilst Samsung is also rumoured to be developing a similar product.

What does this mean for our privacy?

Google Glass has been attracting some concerns over privacy issues, if you’ve seen the viral adverts then you’ll be aware that the device can record video on command, if these devices are set to become commonplace in society then how will it impact on our sense of privacy.

It remains to be seen how are privacy will be affected, who will be defined as complicit as far as being recorded is concerned, many people may be recorded with one of these devices which can then upload their image to social media, all without their permission.

For Businesses

Being able to watch and video as well surf the web, through a lens or through a smart-watch will change the way businesses contact their audience as well as how commercials and advertisements can reach a targeted demographic.

But for now, what we’re wondering is what will become the most popular.

Would you prefer to wear a head-mounted device or a smart-watch? Are you content with a simple phone in your pocket? Let us know.

Top 10 Google Tools for Marketers

google tools

Google offers plenty of helpful tools for marketeers everywhere and it’s good to know that you can use all of them on just one login.

Businesses should certainly look to take advantage of these tools, especially as the following tools are all free to use!

1.Google AdWords

Google AdWords is free to use, but if you’re not getting enough traffic through organic search then you should consider undertaking a paid search campaign.

Essentially you can bid for a specific set of one or more keywords and dramatically increase the amount of traffic your website generates. The fact is, businesses are reliant on Google to generate the highest level of exposure, so launching an effective PPC campaign could be exactly what you need to get your website out there.

2.Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is an extremely useful tool for PPC, SEO purposes and for keyword research, this tool can help you select which keywords generate the most traffic and what has the most competition to help configure the ideal keywords for your website to target.

It will also suggest additional keywords that are suitable to your business.

3.Google Alerts

Google Alerts offers a useful way to stay on top of the latest news relevant to your market, (we recently covered this on the blog) you can use the tool to let you know when a specific search term is mentioned and choose to have updates as they happen, every day or every week.

You can have alerts delivered straight to your email inbox or your RSS reader.

4.Google Analytics

This is one of the most advanced tools that Google offers and is particularly useful as far as online marketing, web development and blogging is concerned. You can use Google Analytics to learn more about your audience, your traffic sources, your level of social engagement and much more.

This is definitely one of the most useful tools on the web and it’s free too.

5.Google Calendar

This tool offers an easy way to keep up with events in your business’ calendar, you can share events with your coworkers or fellow clients, you can also set reminders and alerts via email for important events.

6.Google Docs

Google docs offers an excellent way to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and tables with your fellow employees, which can be edited in real-time. This also saves on the amount of paper you need to print and distribute in the office, since any important document can be shared digitally.

7.Google +

Google’s social media platform has developed significantly in recent years, with around 500 million registered users. The search engine is ensuring the social network is incorporated into almost every aspect of the web, your Google+ presence is now an important ranking factor.

8.Google Trends

This tool offers an excellent way of tracking and monitoring what’s trending on the web, which makes Google Trends incredibly useful for blogging purposes and for joining in the discussion on a topic relevant to your business.

9.Google Places

If you want your business to target your local market then Google Places is extremely useful, by adding your business you can encourage others to view and review your business which will help your SERP ranking.


Google Mail is now the leading mail provider with more registered users than any other provider, it also offers more space than the likes of Hotmail, AOL etc..Gmail is easy to use and offers some useful services such as an intelligent smart filtering system.

As you can see Google offers far more than a simple search engine function, businesses are reliant on the company for much more.

A History of Google

history of google

A brief history of Google and its development from search engine to tech giant.

Google has a monopoly over the search engine market, details of its dominance range from having a 65% to 80% share of the search industry, but the Google brand has come a long way since then and it has now expanded to become one of the world’s most well-known brands.

The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin whilst at university (who still own around 16% of the company) with the intention “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Functioning as a search engine it fought off competition from the likes of Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and more recently Bing.

The company’s rapid growth since its incorporation has triggered a range of products and acquisitions along the way, for instance one of its major purchases was YouTube in November 2006 for just over one billion pounds, which signaled its intent to become more than a simple search engine.

history of google

Google purchased YouTube in 2006

Last year Google earned around $50 billion dollars in revenue, an increase on the previous year.

The company is now far more than a search engine

It now offers a diverse range of services;

Google plus:This is the site’s attempt to make inroads in to the social media networking industry which is primarily dominated primarily by the likes of Facebook and more recently Twitter. Google+ has made a significant impact however and now it consists of more than 500 million registered users.

Gmail: As of June 2012, Google’s mail service is the most widely used web-based email provider with over 400 million users worldwide with a larger capacity than many of its rivals including Hotmail.

Google also offers many other services including an office suite and desktop services.

One of the more significant development in recent years has been the company’s foray in to the tech market.

Google has now extended its services in to mobile technology, with the development of the Android mobile operating system. Android mobile devices have made a significant impact on the smartphone market although it is still inferior in terms of revenue when compared to Apple.

history of google

The company now has its own product in the desktop and personal computer market, the Chromebook runs on its own Google Chrome OS operating system and has become a popular and cost-effective product.

history of google

Google now leads the market in developing the first “augmented reality wearable computer”, titled Google Glass. This head-mounted display device will allow the user to connect to a computer and the internet without the need to use his or her hands.

history of google

This futuristic innovation is one of the first of its kind and signals Google’s intention to develop previously intangible technology.

Despite Google becoming a leading manufacturer of tech products, it still generates the majority of its revenue through AdWords, which signals just how important it is to be on Google’s front page, many SEO strategies still revolve around getting a website on the front page of Google. The search engine has dominance over what websites are visible to the public, getting on the front page of a SERP can signify a potential goldmine for businesses as as far as traffic and subsequent revenue is concerned.

Google is now integrating Google plus as part of its ranking algorithm, by making its own social network a ranking factor, this will encourage businesses to sign up for its services and put more focus in to its Google+ marketing campaign. By offering additional services aside from that of a regular search engine Google is attempting to monopolize all activity on the web, tools such as Google Analytics and Google Trends ensure that we rely on the company for more than simple search engine functions.

Thanks to its dominance over the search engine market the company has been able to invest in other areas, businesses are still reliant on Google to ensure their information is visible on the web and essentially the entire SEO industry is devoted to optimizing websites accordingly.  

New Google AdWords Clients Can Get Up to £200 of free Credit!

google adwords

How would you like the opportunity to get up to £200 of credit Google AdWords?

Well the good new is, you can. We’ve been offered the opportunity by Google to give 10 of our luckiest clients some free Adwords credit.

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Want to give it a try? It’s pretty simple, just get in touch with us via the usual methods, email, Twitter or via the phone for more information.

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google adwords



How Google+ can Benefit Your Business


How Google+ can Benefit Your Business

As we’ve covered recently on the blog, Google is constantly changing its algorithms, this leaves many businesses vulnerable if their SEO strategy is somewhat one-dimensional. One development that’s become increasingly prevalent in recent years is the way social media is being integrated in Google’s rankings. Businesses with an active and engaging social media presence are being rewarded by climbing up Google’s SERP.

Social Networking now acts as an SEO indicator leading businesses to invest time and resources in to having active social media accounts with a significant following.

However Google is now attempting to stress the importance of its own social networking “layer” (Google+) as a ranking factor, this in turn will encourage businesses to sign up based on the ranking incentives it offers.

So if gaining access to around 500 million registered users doesn’t appeal to your business then perhaps the benefits to your SEO strategy may encourage you to set up an account or at least convince you to have a more active and engaging presence on the site.

Whilst Google hasn’t specifically explained how Google+ operates from an SEO perspective it does take in to account the number of +1s you have on your website and how many times your content is shared through Google+.

Note: Even if you don’t promote content through Google+ you can let others do the work for you, simply by allowing others to share your information via the +1 button.

The buttons are becoming increasingly important from an SEO perspective, +1 buttons in particular are starting to act as a more significant indicator than both Facebook likes and Twitter shares as far as SEO is concerned.

Because of Google’s monopoly over the SEO industry, any business with an online presence is subject to its algorithm changes, integrating Google+ as a ranking factor is an effective way to encourage businesses to actively use the site.

Of course Google+ does have its merits as a social networking site, particularly for businesses.

The Benefits of Google+

Google Author is one of the lesser known benefits of having a Google + account, simply by integrating your picture in Google’s search results pages studies show that you can increase click-through rate to your pages by around 20%. Of course you’ll need a Google + account for the HTML tag to work, this is certainly an intelligent way for Google to encourage people to sign up.


Google + Communities are a great way for businesses to find and engage with a targeted audience, even for very specific topics like PPC or SEO, Google+ offers a great way to engage with other businesses and gain access to a demographic interested in what your business has to offer.

Here’s an example

Usability: The site is fairly simple in design, which is part of its charm. By signing up for a Gmail account your Google+ account is automatically created and linked with your email address, how you use your account is up to you, you can access the site simply by pressing the + link on the top of your Gmail account.


It’s also a simple and clean looking site, with a design that’s similar to Facebook, it isn’t as formal as Linkedin (you don’t have to ask for permission to connect) and is catered more towards businesses than Twitter.

Google Circles: This is an easy way to divide friends and followers in to useful categories, which means you can tailor what information you share for each individual audience. Businesses may be interested in what you latest blog post is about but not what you’ve been doing on the weekend. Google Circles provide a useful way to tailor what you share, keeping business and personal apart if necessary.

Getting Involved

All you really need to do is get involved, simply by keeping an active account and allowing other users to share your information through Google+ you can improve the ranking of your page and get access to a vast amount of people. You can do this by either activating an account or making sure your pre-exisitng account remains active, share interesting information, engage with others and integrate +1 buttons on your website.

So if you aim to take your Social Media marketing strategy to the next level or wish to improve your SERP ranking, Google + is definitely something you should look to utilise. To reap the benefits that Google+ can provide you simply have to become more involved in its social sphere or risk losing the edge to your competitors.

2013 – The Year of Quality: Guest Publication


Over the last few years Google has placed an emphasis in placing quality websites in their top places for search terms and this does make sense. You can finally be sure that if you place quality content on your site Google will acknowledge this and you will see the rise in SERPs which you deserve.

This in turn means that your SEO efforts this year need to focus on adding good quality to your website. Carefully carried out research along with interesting and user engaging content is the way forward in your quest for a top spot in the Google search results.

Along with your content being of good quality we can use the word for link building campaigns too. Instead of creating vast quantities of links on low quality article directories, blogs and so forth you should focus your attention on finding as many quality links as you can for your site. Ideally you should be looking to build an authority website (the time of the small micro niche sites is over) and thus having low quality links is not an option as it reflects on your site and thus quality is the only option. However this does not mean that you should stop building blog links and the sort for small traffic but you should limit the amount and instead look for the perfect quality links.

Places to find good quality links may be hard to find and therefore here are a few places to search:

Creating link bait – In 2013 link baiting is going to become more and more influential in standing out from the competition. It doesn’t matter if its blog posts or viral videos; you can create link bait that will certainly attract inbound links to your site.

High traffic guest blog posting – First you have to find the best blogs in your niche and write up incredible articles to go with it. If you can write informative articles which offer real value above and beyond the norm then you are on to a winner. This is the time where knowledge in your niche plays a vital role and allows you to gain that extra advantage. Once you have your content you can offer guest posts to the blog owner; anything between 1 to 6 posts a month. If you can manage to do this on 4-5 blogs then you are guaranteed to get a lot of targeted traffic to your site along with the added bonus of quality links which we have mentioned.

These are just a few examples of ways to improve your SEO in 2013 and it shows you that finding quality links in your niche will pay you huge dividends in increasing your traffic and SERP rankings in the coming months.

“Closing Credits” 

Thanks for reading this guest post, I’m Charles Floate – Owner of Rank2Bank- SEO, SMM & PPC Blog and SEO / SMM Expert for Bootcamp Media. I hope you have a successful SEO Campaign for 2013, and I hope these tips put some ideas into your head!

Have You Been Hit By The Latest Google Update?

Google Update

Millions of websites have been hit by Google’s latest update, the SEO industry continuously faces this kind of setback on a regular basis. For businesses this kind of algorithm update is of a similar scale to the Wall Street Crash or the current Global Recession as far as their online presence is concerned.

Businesses are seeing their online stock plummeting as many websites disappear from Google’s front page in to obscurity.

It’s been nearly a year since the initial update was first announce in 2012,

Many web pages suffer a significant dip in traffic and as a result a loss of revenue.

Any mention of Google’s Penguin or Panda update leaves businesses and SEO enthusiasts in a state of panic. For those who work in the SEO industry there is a genuine concern that they’ll risk losing business or even their own jobs, businesses who outsource their online marketing and SEO needs often lose faith in the industry due to its sheer unpredictability.

Google Update

Why are these updates happening?

Google is forever developing and modifying its own algorithm in order to determine the best content for its users. These updates tend to prosecute ‘black hat’ SEO strategies, which are the name given to the more underhand tactics used, keyword stuffing, cloaking and duplicate content for example.

It can be tempting for businesses to use these kind of tactics, as they do bring short-term results but ultimately you’re likely to end up being heavily penalised by search engines for attempting to fool the system.

What Does Google Want?

Google ultimately wants to rank high quality, relevant and unique pages for its users, that will always be the intention of any future update.

SEO strategies often suffer when they rely solely on a singular tactic, the industry is always subject to change which is why effective strategies must always rely on a 360° degree approach that fundamentally focuses on content.

For websites to safeguard themselves against future changes in Google’s algorithm it’s essential to focus on a holistic approach to SEO based on a wide variety of tactics. Relying too heavily on one aspect effectively means putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak

Content is King.

As far as SEO is concerned, content will always be the main focus, where other areas are subject to continuous change, in many ways content is the only aspect of SEO that can be relied upon. Google will continue to attempt to improve user experience so ultimately you’ll have to ask the question of whether your site offers enough to rank.

Your Online Marketing checklist for 2013

Online Marketing

As the new year begins, it’s a good idea to review how your Online Marketing strategy fared in 2012 and what can be improved or implemented in the coming months. With that in mind we’ve picked out a couple of basic fundamentals that your strategy should focus on in the new year.

Social Media has been growing from strength to strength in the last couple of years (with the exception of a couple of setbacks for Facebook). Businesses have quickly realized that this is something that can’t be ignored as having the potential to appeal to an audience of say 900 million people makes for a fantastic online marketing strategy. More recently Twitter has made a huge impact on Social Media too, studies released today claim Twitter would be worth more than 11 billion dollars (nearly 7 billion in British Pound Sterling) if it intends to go public next year.

There is plenty of information in our previous blogs on how to improve or implement your Social Media marketing strategy, take a look at our “Online Marketing, What’s Trending” post for a better look at the statistics.

Mint’s first tip for 2013 is, Don’t neglect Social Media.

As with any aspect of Online Marketing the environment is dynamic and always subject to change, SEO has seen numerous developments over the past couple of years. Google is attempting to shift the focus of its ranking system from traditional internal SEO to a more content based algorithm.

This has already been illustrated by Google Penguin and Panda update in previous years.

Our second tip for 2013 is that as far as SEO and Google is concerned, Content is King.

2012 was an important year as far as technological development is concerned, as you can see in our previous blog post “5 tips to Make Your Page Tablet Friendly” many experts have dubbed 2012 the year of the tablet, with more than 122 million units sold worldwide with 70 million sold in the United States alone. With this development it is suggested that laptop sales will begin to decline this year, studies suggest that only four of the nine major laptop companies will expect to improve on their results this year, that’s Apple, Sony, Asus and Lenovo.

So our third tip for 2013 is to make sure your website is “Tablet Friendly”

Google+ is a developing social networking layer, at the end of last year the site reached more than 400 million members, one of the reasons you should look in to setting up an account is so you can set up Google Author. Google Author is an extremely useful as an SEO tool it’s been suggested that implementing this within blog posts can improve your click through rate by as much as much as 20%. Setting this up is relatively simple all you need is a Google + account, take a look at the “Are you using Google Author” post on our blog for more details on why and how you can implement it and you could attract a lot more traffic to your website.

Our fourth and final tip for 2013 is to implement Google Author.

Online Marketing is always developing but following these guidelines could dramatically improve the amount of traffic and revenue your website generates, make sure 2013 is a successful year for your business!