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Your Guide to Optimised Meta Titles

meta titles

For many of you reading this post your first question will be;

What is a Meta Title?

A Meta Title shows the name of a web page, the title will usually be displayed at the top of your browser and informs the reader about what exactly they’re looking at. More importantly however these titles are read, by search engines.

Why do they matter?

The Meta title is very important as far as your search engine rankings are concerned, as an SEO strategy it’s important that they’re written with search engine robots in mind. They of course have to make sense for the reader but the wording should be based on the relevant keywords your website should be targeting, as well as its relevance to your content. You could argue then, that Meta Titles are actually more important for search engines than for the users who visit your site.

Essentially then you have to keep the balance between being readable for search engines and making sense for your average visitor, with that in mind here are 5 mistakes you should really avoid.

  1. Stuffing too many keywords in to the titles, this can be seen as Spamming.
  2. Branding all your Meta Titles the same on every page.
  3. Naming all your pages with your Business Name or Brand.
  4. Making the titles too long, Search Engines stop reading your titles after 70-75 characters, limit your title to 70 characters including spaces and punctuation.
  5. Failing to capitalise any part of the keywords you’re targeting.

Keyword Research is a fundamental aspect of writing efficient Meta Titles, so it’s vital to do this before you even contemplate optimising your titles, for a useful guide check out our “Keyword Research, The Fundamentals

A good format to use would be…

Primary Keyword> Info/ Incentive> Secondary Keyword> Business Name (if you have room)

Examples: Good vs Bad

  • Tips on GROWING FLOWERS, from Gardening Experts, How To Grow Flowers
  • flowers

Try and repeat the keywords no more than twice, the keywords should be relevant to your content, limit the use of punctuation to save space and don’t forget to use capitals to draw attention to the keyword.

A good Meta Title will help Search Engines understand the focus of your page, by repeating the a keyword phrase that would be found throughout the content. It should be informative yet concise, try and make the most of the 70 characters you’re given.

So there you have it, check out the many other guides on our blog for more Online Marketing info!

Keyword Research: The Fundamentals

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

One of the many areas of Online Marketing we specialise in is Keyword Research, the following post will give you an idea of the process as well as how it can benefit your business. Many businesses neglect this aspect of SEO, Keyword Research is the foundation of any SEO strategy, getting to know your online environment and your competition is crucial.

What is a Keyword?

It’s important to define exactly what a keyword is. A keyword is a single word or a multi-word phrase that an internet user inputs into a search engine in order to find specific web content.

Keyword Research

This image shows twelve keywords associated with the keyword “online marketing” and the amount of exact local monthly searches it generates.

It helps to know exactly what a keyword is before you choose what keywords you’re going to target.

The Process:

The objective is essentially to target what keywords are popular and likely to generate traffic, how much competition your business will face in targeting these words and basically identifying which keywords are suitable for your page.

The end result will likely look something like this;

Keyword Research

As you can see, the data illustrates which keywords are unlikely to generate traffic, the keywords that face too much competition and the keywords that are realistic to target.

Why should I use Keyword Research?

Search engines base their rankings primarily on “text content” and it’s contextual relevance to a specific keyword.

For instances a search based on the keywords “online marketing services Birmingham” would like to see results specified on these conditions.

Not all keywords are equal however, some keywords have a higher average volume of monthly searches than others and the level of competition varies from keyword to keyword. The more specific the keyword the more “commercial intention” it possesses, for instance a search such as “Adidas footwear” is more specific than simply “Running shoes” and therefore the searcher is more likely to invest in the product.

Making the right choice in keyword selection is a vital aspect of SEO, no matter how highly you rank in a google search, if you’re not targeting the correct keyword, it’s likely you’re following an ineffective SEO strategy.

The three aspects of Keyword Research:

Each of these aspects are vital within Keyword Research and must be considered in order to perform the most effective SEO strategy;

1.Search Volume:

Gaining traffic to your website is perhaps the main ambition of any SEO strategy, therefore it’s a good idea to target keywords with a high level of popularity (monthly search volume). The higher the monthly search volume the higher the potential of traffic you can attract.

Becoming the number one option for a keyword with a low level of interest will not generate a high level of interest in your website.

2. Competition:

This is another vital aspect of SEO, the internet is always becoming more competitive as more and more websites are created. The more competition for a specific keyword, the more difficult it becomes to rank highly within a Google search. For instance competing with a website such as Facebook based on the keywords “social network” would be extremely difficult as it already owns a significant portion of the market.

Even if the level of interest in the keyword is high, if there is too much competition it may not be worth pursuing the keyword as you are unlikely to be successful.

3.Commercial Intention

As mentioned previously in this post, commercial intention is an important aspect to consider, the more specific and targeted the keyword is, the more likely it will generate traffic that is interested in the information or product on offer.

A user searching for a “Cheap Ford dealer in Aberdeen” already knows what he/she is looking for and is therefore more likely to purchase a product than a user who searches for “Racing Cars”. Targeting the first set of keywords may not generate as much traffic as the latter, however it is likely to generate more genuine interest in the product.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what Keyword Research entails and how the process works, At Mint Online Marketing we offer this service as part of our SEO strategy. So if you want to attract real traffic and interest in your product or service then contact us today.