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‘Bigging up’, Link Building and its benefits

Link Building

The benefits of Link Building, and why you should do so.

The process of link-building has been well documented, some of the more obvious tips such as ‘get your video to go viral’ are easier said than done. Similarly, attempting to create quality content is always a good idea, whilst these tips are helpful on a general level it can be difficult to adhere to these guidelines at all times. It’s worth considering that even if you have some of the best content on the web, if it’s not getting the attention it deserves it’s relatively useless as a marketing tool. If you are a small business with very low influence on a global scale it can be difficult to get your unique information to the attention of the mass-market.

With that in mind here are some helpful tips for helping ‘little guys’ big up the ‘big guys’;

Build relationships, not links:

Whilst a re-tweet from a cultural icon on Twitter may get you a thousand followers, it may be a better long term strategy to develop relationships with businesses of a similar stature to yours, creating a relationship that thrives on mutual benefits and the consistent sharing of information.

It’s a good strategy to dedicate time to scan the internet for content from within the search industry, commenting on interesting articles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Following users that share interesting information is a useful self promotion tool. Maintaining an updated RSS feed is also a useful strategy, this is a good way to find articles that may interesting and useful to your business. This will also make sure your social following is receiving current, quality content on a regular basis.

Make the right relationships:

It’s not always easy to instantly become ‘best friends’ with Sky News or a similar company with such a high level of authority. Spending valuable time and resources plaguing this type of source will likely be an unfruitful experience. It’s important to build the right kind of relationships at the opportune time, sometimes a more realistic approach will benefit your campaign in the long run. It’s a much more effective strategy that is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Ask yourself… Why would anyone benefit from sharing my work?

An effective way of encouraging others to share your information is by not only promoting the content of others but adding to it in the process. Giving feedback and positive reinforcement about the content of others, take content you found and give them a short review before sharing the information.

It’s a sensible strategy to start off small, look for businesses and websites of a similar stature to yours, building relationships with bloggers who are receiving little or no attention for example and those who would be pleased to receive feedback from other users.

Try to make sure the articles you promote are from plethora of sources and authors, building a wide and diverse network. Contact the author and tell them you’ve shared their content and what aspects you enjoyed, giving them a ‘shout-out’ so to speak, ask them to share the article once more and you’ve successfully self-promoted your own business and created a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • Hence you’ve added to another users content, this encourages users to contact you in the future as well as to visit your website.

Another effective strategy is to boost the overall authority of your site. Through linking to other material and associating with other users and increase the likelihood they will then share your content to boost the existence of the link.

Persistence is Key.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that this should be a long-term goal, therefore your strategy should reflect this. It can be frustrating as well as disheartening for a small business to be continually shunned by sources with superior presence and authority. Keep in mind that if you continue to plug away your strategy will eventually bring you the results and justify the time and resources you’ve dedicated to the process.