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10 of the best iPhone Apps for Marketers

iPhone apps

The Apple app store has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2008, as of April 2013 the store has a total of more than 45 billion total downloads and close to one million unique applications.

These apps fulfil many purposes from simple games to useful tools for marketers. We’ve assembled ten of the most useful and popular apps that will help you manage and market your business wherever you are.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to manage many of your social networking accounts from one place, although originally designed a way to manage your Twitter feeds, the app also supports Facebook, Instagram and other popular services.

Use TweetDeck to manage your social networking accounts as well as bulk schedule content for your business accounts.

See Also; Hootsuite and Twitterrific

2. WordPress

Many sites and blogs are supported by WordPress, with this app blogging on the move is easy. Whether you’ve forgotten to post a certain article or you’ve had a great idea whilst your travelling the WordPress app allows you to update and maintain your blog wherever you are.

You can also respond to any comments you may have received or add images and videos to your existing blogs.

3. Linkedin

The official Linkedin App functions exactly as the desktop site, the app will help keep you up to date with your connections, you can also extend your existing network by adding and communicating with other businesses and individuals.

4. Mashable

Mashable is one of the most popular sites on the web, delivering the latest news on technology, social networking, online marketing and general internet-related news.

Search by category, news or via author. Mashable is a great source for blogging inspiration, ideas as well as useful topics for discussion.

5. DropBox

The DropBox app allows you to store, sync and share folders online. DropBox has an easy to use interface, making it a popular tool for businesses and office based companies.

Dropbox works on both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity so you’ll have access to your files wherever you are.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive offers a similar service to DropBox, more importantly it allows you to edit, share and create files through the use of Google Docs, which has become immensely popular with businesses.

7. TED

The TED app presents talks and discussions from some of the most well-renowned people in the business world. TED videos are updated on a weekly basis so look out for discussions relative to your business.

8. AnalyticsPro

As the name suggests the AnalyticsPro app enables you to go through your Google Analytics reports straight from your iPhone. Track the analytics and web stats of your website or blog, check your best and worst performing pages as well as your bounce rate.

9. SEO Tool

A very useful app for site owners, track the position of your sites in Google, Bing etc.. Check your site’s ranking for specific keywords wherever you are.

10. Reeder

This RSS app works with Google Reader and Readability and is a great way to keep up with all of your news interests. This is an easy tool to use and can be synched with your iPad or Mac device.

iphone apps

Reaching the Premier League: Marketing & Cardiff City Football Club

marketing cardiff city

We take a look at the implications of reaching the promised land for Cardiff City from a marketing perspective as they join their rivals Swansea City in the Premier League.

Benefits of Reaching the Premier League

Experts suggest that reaching the top flight of the English league is worth around 90 million pounds to any given club, taking in to account the potential parachute payment the clubs receive should they get relegated.

The sum may be even greater when you consider how marketable clubs become to outside parties when they reach the Premier League.

Impact on the City

Promotion not only benefits the club itself but the city surrounding it, the city of Cardiff will receive a windfall in tourism with thousands (more) football fans visiting the city on a weekly basis.

“It’s fantastic advertising you could not pay for because it’s a completely new market of people”

  • Tony McGetrick, Tourism Chairman for Swansea Bay

With a Premier League Football Club in the city of Cardiff, the city itself becomes more marketable which will certainly provide a significant boost to the Welsh economy.

cardiff city v swansea city

Graph illustrating searches for Cardiff City FC (blue) and Swansea City FC (Red)

In the last decade Cardiff City football club have racked up more searches in total than Swansea City, until Swansea reached the Premier League in 2011. Searches for the two clubs spike towards the end of each season, particularly when they approach promotion.

As you can see tee teams become more marketable as they approach the top flight, interest also spiked in the teams as they both reached the Carling Cup final respectively.

Marketing and Cardiff City

marketing cardiff

If you want to take a look at the effect the marketing industry can have on a football club then Cardiff City is a prime example, after all the club controversially re-branded itself this season to be more appealing to the ever-expanding Asian market.

Much to the dismay of the fans, the club re-branded this year as a result of the choices made by its Malaysian owner Vincent Tan. The chairman sought to make the club marketable to the Asian market by re-branding the club, redesigning the crest and the team’s kit in the process.

The club had previously worn blue since 1908, red was chosen as a more appealing colour to the Asian Market. In exchange Cardiff’s owners settled their debt, built a new training facility and improved their transfer budget.

Cardiff fans may have become more open to the idea this week, as the re-branding of the club has allowed them to reach the Premier League for the first time.

“There has been a lot of disappoint in that time and the backroom staff and directors here have been through some tough times. Obviously the players and especially the people of Cardiff have been waiting a long time to be back in the top division and we’ve never been in the Premier League.” – Cardiff Manager Malky Mackay

7 Tips for Marketing your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business and Marketing

How to market your Facebook page

Your Facebook page, or “Timeline” as of 2011 is your window to an audience of around 900 million people, that’s why it’s incredibly important to utilise this space in the most effective manner possible. For a small or medium sized business Facebook represents the opportunity to appeal an unparalleled audience, for free. Thus Facebook represents a viable solution as a marketing tool for any business lacking the resources to advertise a product service on prime-time television on a Saturday night.

There are some Facebook practices that should be common sense, update your content, provide information, be friendly and reply to fans. Here are some tips to increase the presence of your Timeline, the foundation for any Facebook marketing campaign. If you’re a small or medium sized business, you may find this guide provides useful information for the initial set up of your Facebook profile.

1. Images are Important

With the development of the Timeline in place of the regular page, imagery has become increasingly important on your page. Social Media naturally makes brands more accessible to the public, use imagery to capitalise on this. Social networking provides a good way to market the ‘social’ side of your business, giving the public a way to see behind the slogans and technical aspects of your company.

2. Make the most of your Cover Photo

“The new cover photo captures culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products — it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page” – Facebook spokesperson.

Think of your cover photo as the first impression your business makes on your potential customers. You don’t have to be an online marketing genius to realise that the cover photo is the most eye catching feature on your Timeline, it’s therefore important that the photo you use is appealing, relevant and also a high resolution image.

Your profile picture is located within your cover photo, this makes an ideal location for your logo or another relevant thumbnail style image, this smaller image will accompany you in comments and posts so make sure you’ve made a suitable choice.

3. Pin or Highlight your most important posts

As a result of the update, the content on your page is no longer sorted in chronological order alone, it’s possible to highlight the posts of your choice to get them where your audience will see them. You can do this by selecting the star in the top right corner of any post on the page. It will then become larger and promoted higher up on the Timeline.

4. Organise your Apps

Just below your cover image you’ll see the space for apps, this may include photos, videos, notes and thousands of other options such as customised apps. This space gets more visibility than anything below on your Timeline.

5. Provide Exclusivity

Giving exclusive offers to your customers provides an incentive for them to engage with your brand, competitions can give your followers an incentive to engage with your product as well as encourage others to ‘like’ your page. Keeping the competition simple with a tempting reward will encourage a lot of submissions on your page and will increase your overall online presence.

6. Milestones

You don’t want the early months of your Timeline to look like a graveyard, populate your Timeline with memorable milestones. This is a good way to inform your customers of what your brand has achieved, for some this may be as small as hiring a new employee for others it may be reaching 1 million likes. Updating your milestones is an effective way of letting your followers know how your business is doing as well as celebrating your achievements.

7. Love your fans

Engaging with your fans should be the foundation for any social network strategy. Through utilising all of these tips you should be able to build a strong fan base that is engaged and passionate about your brand and therefore willing to invest in your product or services. Understanding the important of Facebook opens up a huge opportunity to find and interact with potential customers.

5 ways Twitter Marketing can target your Local audience


Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing & your Local Audience

The internet has allowed business to extend their reach beyond geographical and financial constraints, businesses are no longer confined by local marketing restrictions. However some businesses consider the world wide web irrelevant to their network of customers, after all what use is the internet to a local Café whose customers live within a five mile radius? With the development of Social Media however, the internet has become far more personal, the online focus for businesses has become increasingly important.

The development of Social Media has brought with it the importance of location, through Social Media information can be tailored by local businesses to target only the relevant and interested customers. Businesses who ignore the benefits of the internet risk losing out on the opportunity to utilise Social Media and it’s location based software.

To some, the concept of ‘local’ marketing can refer to one nation, to others local may refer to a city, town or village. How can a business identify people based on a specific location you may ask?

There are several ‘Apps’ tailored specifically for local marketing strategies, the most notable example being ‘Foursquare’ an enterprise that began in New York in 2009. However the easiest and perhaps most effective tool to use is Twitter.

Twitter  Marketing, Local Marketing and follower behaviour

Twitter users often reveal their location as a by-product of expressing their thoughts and opinions, sometimes unknowingly. People will ‘follow’ others for many reasons, one of the most common however is that the information they share will personally affect them based on their proximity, for example a News station may tweet information on local traffic. It is possible for businesses to search for relevant Twitter accounts to target based on their geographical location.

1. Newspapers:

A Newspaper’s Twitter account is a great source to identify and target followers. For example followers of Newspapers such as the Guardian or Observer are likely to be UK based, the majority may be middle-aged or mature adults, following a Newspaper is an effective way of targeting an audience based on their political and social views. Following a local Newspaper would also be an extremely effective way of narrowing your search perimeters.

2. Radio Stations:

In a similar way to targeting a Newspaper, targeting a radio station is an effective way of specifying the location, age, and interests of a network of potential customers. For instance, followers of BBC Radio 1 are likely to be young adults and people in their 20’s, followers of Radio 4 are likely to be more mature with a difference in their interests as well as their financial situation.

3. Geographical Location:

It is possible to utilise the longitude and latitude of a location to identify Twitter accounts in a specific region or country. This method may seem difficult and time-consuming however it’s nevertheless an effective way of identifying a location with great accuracy. This method will also identify users who have enabled their device to be visible based on location, this will likely be able to display a high number of results.

4. Local Companies:

It may be worth targeting followers of a business on a similar or local level as a potential way of isolating customers with an interest in the type of product or service you offer.

5. Location Names:

As a somewhat less reliable method, analysing followers by searching the location name on a broad basis may be beneficial to some businesses.

These are just some of the possible ways that even the most locally focused business can raise their profile, become more accessible to the public as well as generate revenue through realising the location based benefits of Social Media. Make sure you’re reaping the benefits of utilising Twitter as an Online Marketing tool.