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What is Twitter Vine?

Twitter Vine

Last week Twitter launched “Vine” everyone is talking about it (not all for the right reasons) but what exactly is “Twitter Vine”?

It’s an addition to Twitter that allows users to embed a six second video within their own Tweets.

In October last year Twitter purchased Vine Labs, which was a start-up company based in New York. Vine Labs consisted of only three men, the app is still a standalone service but has now been integrated in to Twitter.

Videos posted through the App are on an Infinite Loop, which capitalises on the emerging popularity of memes and animated gifs which is a kind of image format that’s extremely popular on the internet.

What are they saying about it?

Michael Sippey, Twitter’s Vice President; “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vines inspire creativity”

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine; “They’re little windows into the people, settings ideas and objects that make up your life”

Where can I find it?

The Vine App is currently only available on the Apple App Store, it remains to be seen whether other OS’s will pick the platform up.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple to set up too, just download the app, sign in using your Twitter account and it’ll sync your details.

You record a video by simply using the camera button in the corner and pressing your finger on the screen while you record. Taking your finger off stops the recording, putting it back on starts it again, so you can draft your own cuts and sequences.

It even records sound!

Why does it matter?

If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll know how visual social media is becoming, in a way it’s surprising that Twitter hasn’t integrated this kind of software. It’ll give your Twitter account the option to feature short, snappy videos and it’s these videos that are likely to generate engagement.

Finally, The Controversy

Vine hasn’t come without issues, if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you’ll see that some rather “inappropriate” material, shall we say, has appeared through the Vine app. This hasn’t gone down well with Apple, who’s squeaky clean reputation has been tarnished as a result.