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Infographics in Social Media Marketing


So what is an Infographic?

An Infographic is a useful image that displays information visually, complex details can be broken down and displayed in an image instead of through pages and pages of text. Think of mind-maps, flow charts, graphs, spider diagrams etc…


Using an Infographic is a great way to break down complex information in to something that’s easier for the reader to comprehend. You’ll often find these types of images in magazines, newspapers and now of course, throughout the internet.

In the same way that an Infographic image may break down the anatomy of the human body, it could do the same thing when explaining the fundamentals of SEO for example.

How does Infographics relate to Social Media?

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to realise that images are easier to comprehend than simply text alone, many people may not have time to indulge themselves in a lengthy explanation regarding a certain topic.

As far as Social Media is concerned, infographics are becoming far more likely to be shared, commented on and engaged with than just textual content.

Take Pinterest for example, which was the fastest growing social network in 2012, this type of social network thrives on imagery and visual content. You may think this type of social network would simply involve cute pictures of animals (which it does have) but business related infographics are also popular, what better way to explain a seemingly rigid topic than through an easily digested image.

That’s not to say using infographics would dull down your audience, your information can be as detailed or as simplified as you’d like.

Simply put, if you’re looking to move on with the social media generation, it’s important to recognise the growing significance of infographics and how they can help you gain engagement with your followers and most importantly gain traffic to your website.

Are you using Pinterest?


Pinterest is a website that launched in early 2010, the site is designed to share articles and images from social media, users can “Pin” content that interests them and share it with others, users can also browse other pinboards and “re-pin” images to their own collection.


Pinterest stated that the aim of their site was to “connect everyone in the world through the things that they found interesting”

Using Pinterest for Social Media Marketing can be a great way to garner more traffic to your site. In January 2012 it was suggested that Pinterest directed more traffic than Linkedin, Google+, Reddit and YouTube combined. Understanding the Pinterest’s potential from a Social Media marketing and SEO perspective may significantly improve your overall marketing strategy.

With this in mind we’ve pulled together a few things you should know about Pinterest and how it can benefit your business.

1.Pinterest is visual: Pinterest separates itself from other types of Social Media by being so visually orientated. For many here lies a stumbling block, if your site lacks imagery you may have to re-think your strategy.

2.Commenting and Likes are essential: Try not to be self-centred, commenting and engaging with other users is essential, use the @ to directly communicate with other people and businesses, sharing is a vital aspect of the website.

3.Pinterest is followed by Google: Be sure to use keywords when creating a pin because Google does pay attention which of course makes Pinterest an effective SEO tool

4.There are more Women than Men: As is with many Social Networking sites, there are more female users than male, make sure you’re aware of your audience and who you’re targeting

5.Pinterest is Addictive: New users spend an average of 15 minutes a day “pinning” which is a remarkable amount of commitment to such a new site.

6.Connect your Pinterest with Facebook & Twitter: Connecting with your already existing friends adds another dimension to your online interaction with them, since it’s heavily interest based. Pinterest is a useful tool for forging and improving business relationships too.

Finally remember your profile is important, fill out your details and make sure you’ve inserted the appropriate keywords to make sure your page, and most importantly enjoy yourself!