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Expert tips for YOUR Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio

Realising the potential of your Twitter Bio.

Many businesses favour quantity over quality with regards to their Twitter followers, it’s thought that the amount of followers you have is directly related to how successful your business has become. This isn’t always the case, after all what use is having 50,000 if only one 100 are relevant and interested in the product or service you offer. Being perceived as a successful business solely based on the amount of Twitter followers is an essentially flawed system, many businesses find this so important that they ‘buy’ followers in an attempt to create the illusion of popularity.

This guide will explain the significance of your bio and the role it has to play in gaining a group of relevant followers who are interested in the information and service you can provide.

Those measly 160 characters may seem insignificant but they can be crucial in defining the purpose and set up of your business, your Bio may be the difference in the followers who ignore you and those who will click every link you post.

It’s important to understand the reasons why people chose to follow one another whether it’s to learn something, discuss interests or be entertained by the information you provide. Targeting a specific group of followers may be more beneficial than the entire mass-market, these are your ‘fan-base’ so to speak, these are the users who will ReTweet your information and possibly invest in your product or service.

Here are three tips you can use to revamp your Twitter Bio.

Write about your interests:

This is particularly important, Why are you using Twitter? What do you do? Etc.. If you list yourself as a social media expert for example, you will be expected to act accordingly and offer that service to your users.

Get your priorities straight:

It’s vital to prioritise just what it is you’re attempting to get across to your followers, what defines your business? Individual personal information such as your hobbies in your free time are likely to be irrelevant.

Keywords are Vital:

Twitter functions as a search tool, so it’s a good idea to understand this in your Bio. Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your profile is an effective way of garnering attention and interest in your Twitter account as well as your business in general.

Twitter Bio ‘Don’ts’- Common Pitfalls:

Wasting your limited space on a quote or something that is irrelevant to your business. Quoting a cultural icon may be motivational to you, but your Twitter followers want to know about you and your business not the people you admire.

Don’t use a Bio you’ve used elsewhere on another site, it’s important to ensure your content is unique rather than copying and pasting from other sources.

Make sure you utilise the 160 characters, this is only a snippet of information so displaying the right information and maximising the space is a good idea. It’s also important that you stick within the restrictions, having information cut off looks unprofessional and gives a bad impression of your business.

There are some of our ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ with regards to your profile, hopefully you understand the significance of your Bio and the role it has to play in getting the right kind of attention for your business. 

7 Tips for Marketing your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business and Marketing

How to market your Facebook page

Your Facebook page, or “Timeline” as of 2011 is your window to an audience of around 900 million people, that’s why it’s incredibly important to utilise this space in the most effective manner possible. For a small or medium sized business Facebook represents the opportunity to appeal an unparalleled audience, for free. Thus Facebook represents a viable solution as a marketing tool for any business lacking the resources to advertise a product service on prime-time television on a Saturday night.

There are some Facebook practices that should be common sense, update your content, provide information, be friendly and reply to fans. Here are some tips to increase the presence of your Timeline, the foundation for any Facebook marketing campaign. If you’re a small or medium sized business, you may find this guide provides useful information for the initial set up of your Facebook profile.

1. Images are Important

With the development of the Timeline in place of the regular page, imagery has become increasingly important on your page. Social Media naturally makes brands more accessible to the public, use imagery to capitalise on this. Social networking provides a good way to market the ‘social’ side of your business, giving the public a way to see behind the slogans and technical aspects of your company.

2. Make the most of your Cover Photo

“The new cover photo captures culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products — it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page” – Facebook spokesperson.

Think of your cover photo as the first impression your business makes on your potential customers. You don’t have to be an online marketing genius to realise that the cover photo is the most eye catching feature on your Timeline, it’s therefore important that the photo you use is appealing, relevant and also a high resolution image.

Your profile picture is located within your cover photo, this makes an ideal location for your logo or another relevant thumbnail style image, this smaller image will accompany you in comments and posts so make sure you’ve made a suitable choice.

3. Pin or Highlight your most important posts

As a result of the update, the content on your page is no longer sorted in chronological order alone, it’s possible to highlight the posts of your choice to get them where your audience will see them. You can do this by selecting the star in the top right corner of any post on the page. It will then become larger and promoted higher up on the Timeline.

4. Organise your Apps

Just below your cover image you’ll see the space for apps, this may include photos, videos, notes and thousands of other options such as customised apps. This space gets more visibility than anything below on your Timeline.

5. Provide Exclusivity

Giving exclusive offers to your customers provides an incentive for them to engage with your brand, competitions can give your followers an incentive to engage with your product as well as encourage others to ‘like’ your page. Keeping the competition simple with a tempting reward will encourage a lot of submissions on your page and will increase your overall online presence.

6. Milestones

You don’t want the early months of your Timeline to look like a graveyard, populate your Timeline with memorable milestones. This is a good way to inform your customers of what your brand has achieved, for some this may be as small as hiring a new employee for others it may be reaching 1 million likes. Updating your milestones is an effective way of letting your followers know how your business is doing as well as celebrating your achievements.

7. Love your fans

Engaging with your fans should be the foundation for any social network strategy. Through utilising all of these tips you should be able to build a strong fan base that is engaged and passionate about your brand and therefore willing to invest in your product or services. Understanding the important of Facebook opens up a huge opportunity to find and interact with potential customers.