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Simplify your Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing, simplicity

Marketing Simplicity

Technology has made online marketing possible, without the world wide web the concept of online and social media marketing would not exist, in the process however marketing itself has become more complex. It’s easy for customers to become confused by the technology and jargon involved.

Customers prefer it when things are kept simple, companies such as Apple and Google are built on the idea of simplicity. When browsing Apple’s web page, the design and the layout are visibly sleek. The website also thrives on user experience through interactivity, customisation and online video. This simplicity is reflected in the design of the product, therefore this becomes a consistent theme associated with the branding, product as well as in marketing.

One of the reasons the late Steve Jobs succeeded as the co-founder and chairman of Apple was because he focused both the product and the marketing strategy on simplicity.

Putting Customers in the Driving Seat:

Sometimes worrying over stats and figures can result in confusing and neglecting the experience of the customer, whether in the design of the website or through marketing strategy.

Content is King in Online Marketing

This is also important as far as SEO is concerned, Keyword Research and On Page SEO are extremely important in attracting traffic and customers to your website. However if the content of your website does not conform to these standards then what reason does the user have but to stay on your site, this is known in the industry as “bouncing” which also severely affects your position within a Google search. If your SEO strategies have succeeded in attracting a user to your page, the content, design and layout of your site will have to ensure he/she stays there. Ensuring the perfect balance between the keywords and the content of your page is essential.

Simplify your Strategy:

It’s important that customers become synonymous with your brand wherever they see it, whether surfing your page on their desktop, mobile or tablet and even scanning through your social media pages. Ensuring consistency as well as simplicity will ensure that the customer recognises exactly what your brand and your product is all about.