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How To Write A Blog, Creating The Best Content

best content

How to Find and Create The Best Content

If you’re an aspiring blogger it can sometimes be difficult to find the inspiration and the incentive to start writing. Whether you’re writing for a business or a personal narrative finding the right topic is essential, this is why we’ve prepared a blog to guide you through the writing process and how to find the perfect topic to write about.

Before you even put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in today’s lingo) you should have an idea about what people will be expecting from your content, why they visit your blog and the kind of demographic your content attracts.

My Audience:

This will of course depend on your topic, if your writing is orientated towards the Business and/or Marketing sector, you can make an educated guess that your content will attract anyone from young adults to the middle aged. With this demographic you’ll have to take in to account people from a diverse range of backgrounds in a number of occupations, from start-up bloggers, SEO specialists, web designers to business executives.

Your audience is perhaps the biggest factor to take in to account, in order to cater your content towards your target demographic it’s important to find out what type of content attracts the most engagement and the most traffic.

With Google Analytics you can find out who’s visiting your website and where they’re leaving your page.

Pay close attention to your bounce rate as well the engagement you get from your content, discussion is a signal that your topic has posed an interesting question or concept.

From a practical perspective, why not compile a list of your 10 most popular blogs to see what’s driving traffic to your website and what people are keen to discuss, you could always ask your reader’s for more feedback on what they’re finding interesting and informative.

Finding Inspiration:

best content

Great topics aren’t always easy to come by, even for professional writers and bloggers. Finding the right subject can be the most difficult aspect of blogging and it’s what people have found to be most difficult.

Writing content isn’t just about coming up with a unique idea, you can create content just by seeing what’s out there, looking at examples and putting your own spin on a topic rather than coming up with it yourself. This type of writing is known as a Curated Article.

As well as general brainstorming and discussion there are other ways to find some inspiration, here are some of the most effective ways of finding something that’ll spark your readers interest.

Topsy: This is a very useful website that we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, you can use this tool to find out what’s trending on the web and what’s being discussed through Social Media, it also features a handy Twitter Analytics tool.

Reddit: This is a huge social media news aggregator, it’s ‘funny’ section alone gets around 6.5 million views.

Google Trends: You can search topics via image, product or mentions. You can even choose to narrow it down by country and category.

Followerwonk: Find out what people based in your industry are talking about, not just the general public.

BuzzFeed: This website organises the most shared pieces of content on the internet.

TopTenz: This a particularly useful website for an aspiring blogger, rather than find out what people are talking about, you can find out what people are writing about.

In general social media provides an excellent way for you to find out what’s happening, writing about something that’s current is always likely to be more popular than something that’s grown stale and as a rule of thumb something that’s controversial tends to attract more discussion.

There’s also the matter of guest blogging to take in to account, getting a fresh perspective from another writer can give your website a fresh outlook so looking to collaborate with others Is a useful strategy. You may even get to write on their blog too, which could be a useful link-building opportunity for your website.

These are just some of the ways you can come up with an inspirational idea, don’t forget that promoting your content is just as important as the writing process, even if you’ve written the most interesting article of the year if it’s not accessible it’s almost non-existent as far as the internet is concerned.