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Online Video in the Digital Age

online video

Years ago marketing experts would have deemed Online Video as insignificant, now thanks to the likes of YouTube, video is everywhere you look on the web.

YouTube was created in 2005, Google purchased the site the next year signifying just how significant video hosting had become on the web. The site now has an estimated 800 million unique visits a month and includes around 4 billion hours of video.

YouTube has become somewhat of an online powerhouse, Google has taken advantage of the brand by using the website for advertising purposes.

On Demand

Online Video has become a crucial factor in Online Marketing, almost every electronic device has the capability to facilitate and record video from mobiles, to tablets, to desktops. This technological development means that we’re reachable wherever we are, we can watch video at home, travelling to work etc..

Why Social Media Matters

Social Media allows us to share and engage with video, whether it’s advertising or otherwise, this has given online marketers the incentive to invest in online video and ultimately to create video content that has the potential to go viral, which is essentially a goldmine for any advertiser.

Both Social Networking Giants Facebook and Twitter have integrated video software, meaning that users can post and share video seamlessly.

Video Advertising

Research firm eMarketer says that video is actually the fastest developing form of Online Advertising. Spending in this department has reportedly increased 46% last year.

Spending by YouTube’s top 100 advertisers is also thought to be rapidly increasing.

Take 2012 sensation “Gangnam Style” for example, the video generated more than a billion hits on YouTube, any advertisement attached to the video would gain access to an enormous audience.

It appears that advertisers are becoming increasingly fond of online video as a marketing strategy. In a way advertisers are bringing what they know from television advertising in to the digital age.

To summarise, Online Video is becoming more and more significant and will continue to do so in the coming years, both for Advertisers and for Marketing purposes in general. As a small business you need to bear this in mind, your website and social media accounts must become more visual and must support Online video. Remember posting Videos is free on sites like YouTube,get started by setting up a channel and start posting!