Blogging for your Business; 3 Reasons to blog

reasons to blog

Many businesses have active blogs, if your business doesn’t have one then I suggest you should certainly read on.

Have you ever wondered why businesses insist on dedicating time and resources to routinely updating their blogs?

Blogging really took off in the early days of the internet, initially as a way to provide a way to share unique thoughts and information, this is still the case for bloggers, celebrities and journalists alike.

There are many advantages to having a blog, we’ll look to explain some of the benefits in this blog…

1. SEO Rankings

Blogging Matters-Just ask Google

Unbeknownst to some people blogging can benefit your SEO rankings, Google looks to rank sites that regularly update and contribute new information.

Blogging is one of the best ways to do this, after all there’s only so much you’ll want to update the static pages on your site.

Google puts emphasis on keywords, through the use of a blog you can share information that targets these keywords in order to improve your place on a search engine’s SERPs.

Tip; Always remember to SEO optimise your blog posts to target a keyword relevant to your business.

2. Hook your audience

A blog gives your audience a reason to revisit your site, directing traffic to your page in the process. Some will visit your site purely to read the content on your blog, so bear this in mind.

3. Free Marketing

By building your reputation as a ‘blogger’ you market yourself in the process, being recognised as an author that contributes useful information can potentially bring publicity, in the process you’ll extend your network on sites like Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

Blogging is free, even if you’re not getting the kind of traffic you’d like, at least you’re adding pages and information to your website that will improve the experience for the user.

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