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Looking for a strategic Online Marketing Team, to BOOST Your Online Strategy?

Mint 360° ™ is a Full Managed Online Marketing Service that Delivers

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Mint 360° ™ is designed for businesses who are serious about building and maintaining a successful online presence. It is a comprehensive service, covering all major online marketing disciplines and channels, taking a full 360° view of the online environment that relates to Your business.

Mint 360° ™ is a comprehensive online marketing service which presents fantastic value for money and long term ROI. There are few (if any) other online marketing agencies in the UK who will provide your business with a whole team of specialists under one roof, with highly experienced management, to deliver a creative, strategic and most importantly ‘integrated’ service.

Mint 360°™ is offered at a fraction of the price it would cost you to recruit and manage an in-house online marketing team of equal quality and experience.

Our/Mint’s in-house team of specialists cover the main online marketing disciplines of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media (SMM).

We are very conscious not to dilute the focus of Your Mint 360° ™ team, and therefore maintain an overall ratio of 1:3 i.e. 1 Mint team member to every 3 Mint 360° ™ clients. The majority of other agencies work to a ratio of at least 1:10. The benefit of our 1:3 ratio is the Mint team get to know You and Your business well, and it is this knowledge and close working relationship that helps us to understand your Goals, and deliver your Results.

The Mint Online Marketing team contains a strong mix of creativity and analytical flair, managed by online entrepreneurs with years of successful experience; we also bring enthusiasm in abundance. All are of Degree Graduate level, recruited and nurtured into the Mint culture, with a real passion for delivering results.

How can Your business benefit from an improved Online Presence?

There remains to be a large proportion of businesses who would benefit from improving their online presence; this only looks to increase significantly over the coming years, particularly with the continued growth of Social Media and Mobile browsing.

The effective utilisation of online marketing channels is essential to gain and retain a competitive advantage in most commercial markets, and those businesses that fail to embrace this will lose, or are already losing ground to their competitors.

It is not enough to simply have a web site, have a Twitter account or have a Facebook page; these digital assets must be managed professionally and effectively, with clear goals in mind. You can, in fact, do more damage than good by having digital assets in place, if they are poorly set up, poorly managed, not up to date or do not reflect positively on your Brand.

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