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Update to Google AdWords Ranking Algorithm Catches Out PPC Management Companies

A number of algorithms for SEO and AdWords are released sporadically by Google across the year, and more often than not they do not cause many issues for most websites. Of course, the major updates have been known to catch many companies off guard, often causing ranking issues, but the smaller updates tend to pass […]

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Cardiff SEO Tip: 8 Stages of On-Page Optimisation (with Infographic)

The process of driving organic traffic to your site is fraught with difficulty. With Google constantly moving the goal posts through updated algorithms, keeping on top of SEO is a continuous battle. The list of SEO activities can be endless, Including things like: Link Building Geographical Keyword Targeting (e.g. Cardiff SEO) Social Media Optimisation Social […]

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LinkedIn: The World’s Biggest Business Expo

Here at MINT, our social media management department handles a number of LinkedIn pages for our clients and are often asked how we can utilise the social network as part of a marketing strategy. In fact, we are asked so often that we decided to write this blog which will take you through how businesses […]

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Do You Really ‘Like’ It? A Reaction To Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’

Last night, Channel 4 broadcast ‘Dispatches: Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans’, an exposé of social media fakery and deception that was, for a social media manager, highly disturbing. And it seems I am not the only one to find the information that the documentary discovered highly shocking. Social networks and blogs are awash with comments, […]

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The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Google Analytics: Landing Pages

In the second of our 5 part series Google Analytics Guide for Small Businesses, we look at ‘Landing Pages’. Using Google Analytics, you can discover which pages on your website are most often ‘landed’ on. A landing page is simply an entrance page, the first page viewed during a website visit. The Pareto principle often comes into […]

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The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

So you are a small business owner, you have a website and you want to improve your results so that you can make more money for less cost, right? If wrong, please go away and never come back again, this blog is not for you [ :-p ]! One of the main reasons I love […]

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The 20 Top UK-Based Online Marketing Agencies on Google+

After the success of our Twitter top 40, we thought we would switch our attentions to Google+. For this top 20 list we simply ranked the agencies by their +1 count. When this list was first posted in June, MINT were placed in 3rd but we have now climbed up the list to 2nd! MINT […]

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Why Social Media is SE-Oh So Important to Your Page Ranking

When it comes to online marketing, social media is often viewed as a frivolous, unnecessary and luxurious tool that is time-consuming and ineffective when compared to SEO. You may be correct if you look at social media as a stand-alone form of online marketing, but if you change your mind-set and look at it as […]

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The Top 40 UK-Based Online Marketing Agencies on Twitter

Twitter is a crucial tool in online marketing and the MINT team has worked extremely hard to boost its followers and overall Twitter presence over the past 5 months. As our Twitter account continued to grow, we always looked at the other online marketing agencies on the social network to see how we compared. We […]

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5 Top SEO Tips for Businesses Who Want to Attract More Customers (2013)

If you are a business owner, one of the main things keeping you awake at night is likely to be ‘how to attract more customers’ for your business in a cost effective manner. Attracting new customers for little cost is a real art, and those business owners that have mastered this art are almost certainly […]

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